Overhaul Goals - Build true Exception Management

Goals, as they are today, are great, but they only cover the basics of what's needed for exception management.  We'd like to see a true exception management platform (below I'll use the terms "goals" and "exceptions" interchangeably).  To build an exception management platform, we'd love to see the following features:


  • Admin-managed goals: It's great that individual users can set alerts for themselves, but, for us to publish process out across our organization, we need a way to administratively set goals on some of our cards for all users (or, even better, a subset of users based on Groups in Domo).
  • Goal Tiers: Not all exceptions are created equal.  We're in the apartment business.  If a marketing source dips for a day, I may not even want an email.  If an apartment burns down, then I want a text message to wake people up at night.  Specifically, I'd look for the ability to assign a priority to a goal and for there to be per-priority notification settings (notifications in-app only, email, text, etc.).
  • Exception Acknowledgement: Build in a way for an end-user to acknowledge that they have received notification of a goal.  This is particularly useful for some goals for which a fix isn't immediately visible in short-term data.  Acknowledging an exception is the same as a user saying, "I'm on it."  The reason behind acknowledgement comes next...
  • Exception Management Reporting: Build an automatically updated data source of users, their exceptions (and associated exception/goal tier), and the user's acknowledgement record.  Built out with the features above, this gives us a fantastic way to build task prioritization into decentralized process and to report on which users consistently do (or don't) follow up on exceptions.  

Ultimately, I can see a structure like this helping us dramatically improve our business.

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  • Apologies, I used the wrong terminology on this.  I used the term "Goals" instead of "Alerts".  I'm looking for an overhaul of "Alerts".

  • mdelorey



    @CFRyan: Thanks for this feedback! It's great to hear a holistic view from a power user. I'm the product manager for alerts at Domo. I'd be anxious to touch base with you on a call to take a look at how you're using alerts today.


    Admin-managed goals sounds similar to what our other users are asking for related to Alert Sharing. Would that give you the functionality you're after?


    Goal tiers - Are you thinking this would be something you could define categorically like a "Tier 1" alert vs a "Tier 3" alert? Or mostly just configure preferences about communication medium?


    Exception acknowledgement and Exception management reporting is a great idea other users have asked about as well as making alert history available as a dataset. We're exploring a tigher integration between task management in association with this. I'd be interested to hear more about what you're thinking here.


    All in all, great suggestions here. Thanks for taking the to submit. I'd like to get you involved in usability/beta testing as we roll out features in this vein. Can we connect outside Dojo to dive in a bit more?

    Retired Domo Alum
  • Hey @mdelorey,


    Thanks for the feedback!  Regarding your questions:


    • Your link to Alert Sharing covers what I'm after for admin-managed goals.
    • I'd like to be able to set notification preference on a range of alert priorities... say 1-5 or 1-3.
    • Getting alert history available as a dataset is a starting point, but being able to acknowledge an alert is pretty critical for me, too.  Having alerts feed into a task is an interesting idea, but I'd want there to be some thought on how tasks could bubble up in the reporting viewing UI (not just when you click through to tasks, which feels like a completely separate module to me today).

    I'd love to be involved in any usability or beta testing around these features.  Feel free to contact me offline (Jon Mendenhall has my contact info if you don't have it).  Thanks!



  • mdelorey



    @CFRyan: Great! I'll send you a private message.

    Retired Domo Alum
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