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  • @fsalinas Props on your amazing visuals! Really appreciate the feedback and the extra work you've put in to help us better understand what you're trying to convey. I'm a Product Manager and work with the Mobiles teams. Landscape for iOS is currently a top priority we are working on.


    For phones currently on Android you can rotate to landscape when you have entered interactive mode on a card (to do this just tap anywhere on the card). Android Tablets have landscape. As mentioned, these are both in progress on iOS and will be coming shortly.


    Hope this is what you are looking for.


    - Cody

  • @fsalinas @codysmith Actually, I have shared the same feedback with the Beta team for Android app. Yes, Cody, you are correct that the card rotates when you enter active mode, but it requires one more step, and I sometimes just want to view a wider view of it in the dashboard view.

  • This would be an amazing feature!  I find myself using the mobile app less often because I can't rotate the screen to get a better view of horizontally oriented charts.

  • @SLaczny @NGin92 Thanks for the follow-up with more information. I'm sharing your feedback with the Android and iOS teams to look at. I can undestand the frustration of having to tap one more time before getting into landscape.





  • Landscape mode is now available on iOS. On your phone, when you are in Interactive Mode (where you can drill and filter the card) you can rotate your phone to see the chart in landscape. On the iPad, you can utilize landscape mode throughout the app. With this addition on the iPad, you can also use multitasking-having two apps display at once. 


    Let us know if you have additional comments or feedback on Landscape Mode.



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