Select existing card as drill path view

When selecting "Add View" on the drill path, would it be possible to select from a list of existing cards on the datasource?


These will allow me to maintain the drill paths as easily as I can maintain cards on pages!

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @douglasreich.  I'm assigning our product manager @ckwright to review.

  • @douglasreich This is an interesting idea. Are you referring to an option in the drill view page to add cards that have already been created to that DataSet and have the option to assign the card underneath the parent card? 

  • Yes, that is what I am thinking. Drill paths are currently second-class citizens; their card builder is difficult to use (because the filters from the top-level card do not propogate), and they take multiple clicks to reach.


    Many of my drill paths end in a table; if the columns on the table must change, there are a lot of cards I have to monotonously sort through! It is very difficult to give a uniform look-and-feel when each drill path may be slightly different due to the manual way of maintaining them.


    The issue is several fold:

    1. When you clone a card with a drill path, you have not just added one card to maintain, it's actually one card and all the drill cards.

    2. The card admin screen is kind of unusable because of the drill paths (I have about 30 cards named "Trades")

    3. Card building becomes much faster

    4. If many cards share a drill path, this propogates changes to all of them at once.

  • Hello,


    Completely agree with @douglasreich. There is even one more thing to list here: the fact that when you change the dataset of teh card, the drill-path views are not transfered to the new dataset.

    The possibility to have the drill path views on a different dataset is great, but in case it is the same than the main card, the switch on the main card should be propagated. At least the user should be warned that the card has drill downs and that they need to be checked. Otherwise it is really easy to forget and the only thing you have is angry users that just see a blank drill path view...



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