Move all cards from one page to another

Domo Community,


The ability to move all cards from one page to another (while having the option to keep them on the current page) would be SO USEFUL



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  • Thank you for submitting this @jlinson.  I am assigning to our product manager @michaelf for review.

  • Thanks for the feedback @jlinson! This is a capability we are currently working on. What is your use case for this? Thanks!

  • Hi @michaelf thanks for getting back to me. The use case is that I want to customize a page to a particular user group by utiliziing the Analyzer filters. Does that make sense?


    IE I want to move all cards relating to Advertisers to a new page called Account Managers where they can filter on the cards.

  • @jlinson great! That's the most common use case I've heard, just wanted to make sure we're covering everything. We're currently working on this feature and hope it can help you out a lot once it's ready.


    If you've got any more feedback around this topic let me know! Feel free to drop me a message and I'd be happy to chat. Thanks!

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