Security around User information

Would be great if we can control which users in the wider community can see other users's contact information. We are requesting all our users update their contact information.


However, we don't want the users at the stores to be able to see the number for the HQ analysts..

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @swrao.  I am assigning it to our product manager @miken12r for review.

  •  Interesting idea. Would it be sufficient to allow users to set their own privacy / visibility settings in the address book? Or would it need to be administratively managed? 

  • Sorry for the delay. Was travelling.. I would prefer users set their own visibility/privacy settings, with an administrative over ride feature. I'm thinking through this-for instance if someone is a member of Group X, that user should be able to decide which other groups should have visibility to their information.  


    Personally, I think it will be overwhelming to manage access on a user-user basis and I don't see the need for that..



  • Sounds like we're on the same page, then. That's a model we're likely to persue. thx for the feedback!

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