DOMO + Google AdWords Connector?

Following this page it seems like there should be a in-built way to see my Google Adwords data on Domo. However looking at the forums I've only encountered an user-provided-script to pull the data into a google sheet. Is there a way to connect my adwords data to Domo?    


  • Please reach out to Domo support to address this in your instance. We will also have your CSM reach out to you.



    Dani aka "Mr.Dojo"

    Dojo Admin
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  • @jpereira, tagging you to check out DaniBoy's reply. 

  • Can you have a customer service person reach out to me as well? I'd like some help getting AdWords connected. It seems insane to me that Bing has a connector and AdWords does not. 


    Zach Shearer
  • You can find the new and improved process for getting your AdWords data into Domo in the Knowledge Base, here:
  • This should be updated now that there is a direct API

  • Hi everybody,


    is there any other than using this google sheet approach without using any additional 3rd party tools (e.g. treasuredata or the like)?

    Is a Data Connector in the pipeline?


    Thanks a lot!

  • We've used it in the past with AdWords scripts to avoid 3rd party tools as you mention. 


    AdWords Script --> Google Sheet --> Domo


    Zach Shearer
  • @Zach - can you give more information on how you did it with scripts or a link?

    I'm trying through BigQuery and getting stuck.

  • This is the process that I followed before. Have you seen this article yet?

    Are you trying to get keyword-level data or account-level data into Domo?

    Zach Shearer