Turnon Analyzer in Mobile/IPhone App

Some of us use the mobile app, but the filter/turn on analyzer is not available, hoping this will be available soon


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  • Card Analyzer is available in the new iOS app we released last week. You can find it in the Apple App store. You can also access Analyzer on our Mobile Web experience we released last month by going to your instance in a mobile browser. 

  • Updating the status to clarify that this has been implemented. Hope you're all enjoying card Analyzer across all our mobile experiences!

  • I don't see the analyzer option on the app iOS Iphone.  I can filter and individual card but not button "Analyzer" anywhere to filter the whole page.

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  • @Godiepi You are correct. Analyzer is currently only available on the iOS app on cards. We are looking to add filtering to pages early next year. 

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