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It is not as easy as it could be to manage cards from the Admin->Cards section.  I have a couple of suggestions.


1. We cannot see the Page(s) on which a card exists.  I know we can click the card title to view the card and then see the Page on the top breadcrumb trail.  However, if the card does not exist on a page it simply says "Overview".  It also says "Overview" when the card is on my own or another user's "Overview".  If it legitimately exists on an "Overview" page, then we should be able to see which user has it on their "Overview" page.  I don't want to drop a card from someone's individual "Overview" page because it appears to be an orphaned card that does not exist on a Page.


2. It is not clear which cards are related by drill path.  Deleting the parent card should also delete the drill path cards.


3. When looking at the DOMO Usage datasets we can see the card ID.  It would be useful to have the card ID visable from the admin section as well.  Consider a case when you have two cards with the same name; one has frequent usage and another has zero usage.  How can I be sure I delete the right one from Admin?


I would encourage the forum to give feedback on my ideas and add their own.  






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  • BABWMajorDOMO,


    This is a great idea - so great in fact that we are currently working on similar functionality.  We recognize the need for Major Domo's to be able to better manage cards.  As you suggested, it would be helpful if the Admin Console provided you with more functionality and information for your cards.  We are working to address these challenges and should have some great features in the future that will help you better manage your cards.


    Support this idea by upping the likes if this is something you'd get value from in your DOMO.




  • 3b.

    Along the same lines, I'd love to see some basic card usage stats in the card admin page.  When I have several cards by the same name I want to know which are used and which aren't, without jumping to another page of Domo usage cards.

    Any updates on the original post above, @StevenC?

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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