Ability to resize filter box

Since we work with filtering Website URLs and these can get pretty long, the ability to resize the filter box would be something that's quite basic, but highly useful for instances like these.


In the current state, I need to constantly scroll from left to right to track each URL. This becomes a bigger pain point when I have to compare and cross-validate it with URLs from another source (for eg: An Excel Spreadsheet)

When the number of URLs gets larger, there is also the added need to scroll from top to bottom (apart from the left to right)


In the Sumo Card, the ability to scroll left to right is locked for some reason, and I can't even get to the end of some of the long URLs. This is another problem.


It would be great if we had the ability to simply resize the box as per our needs. Some form of text wrapping to ensure that the text is responsive and fits within the filter box (instead of staying hidden to the right) would also be a good add-on

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