Value Mapper needs ability to select whole or part of field

I want to tag a row so that it can be flagged for additional work, followup, processing.  To do that, we need to search in a text field for a term, then create a tag.  Value Mapper is perfect for this but it needs the same "setting" as Replace Text has.  


(Option) Specify the find settings to use by clicking image in the field.

Whole wordsSearches for whole words.
Case sensitiveSearches with case-sensitive values.
Use RegExSearches and replaces using Java regular expressions.


If "lollipop" occurs in the middle of the text field, I want to detect that and set a tag value.  

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  • This would help a lot.  We have a fairly large dataset (about 900k rows/month) that comes across in the absolute dirtiest form imaginable.  Some columns are fairly easy, as they are static values that I can refer to, but the date field reads "{000001} S-o-n '12", with the {0000001} changing to {0000002} the next month.  It's absolutely awful, and it isn't our dataset, so I can't change it on the server export side.  If I could search for %S-o-n%, then I know I can associate it with the correct quarter, which I can do in Beast Mode, but if I want to do a quarter over quarter variance, it all falls apart.

  • Thank you for submitting this idea @mcoblentz.  I am assigning to our product manager @alexpeay for review.

  • @mcoblentz where do you want to do this searching? Would it be something that is done through ETL where you are trying to normalize  the data or are you trying to do this in another part of the product?

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • Rules such as "contains", "starts with" and regex would be a good addition to value mapper.

    Today I needed this option and had to solve it with SQL, which requires a bit more effort.



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