Removal of DOMO Buzz for Participant Level Access

As you know, we've been providing our clients with 'participant' logins to view their dashboards. Is there any way for them to not be able to see our companies “Feedback to Domo” and “Follow on Buzz” or our DOMOBuzz? For instance - is there any way that we can have the aforementioned things turned off ONLY if they have participant level access?
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  • Hi @RyanFernandez7, great question. There is a way to do this by using Publication Groups. Have you explored this option at all? There are a few limitations with that feature, but it might be a nice solution to what you're asking for. 


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  • Hi @MitchyMitch8 I went to the 5-day training in Utah and at the time didn't know how practical this would be. As usual, this may make sense to be looked into. Is there anyone I can speak with about this? This is a pretty big priority as we have clients from Microsoft able to see what we are asking DOMO about for competitors like Intel.


    Let me know, thanks!

  • @chadgreenleaf who do you think @RyanFernandez7 could speak to? I ask because I know you're quite the whiz at Pub Groups. Smiley Very Happy

  • I believe publication groups still show the buzz icon and window, you just can't do anything with it other than use the General channel. I would love to remove that entirely since it's not a relevant feature. 


    Same goes for Alerts/Favorites -- as discussed in this thread from January...

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    Thank you for submitting this @RyanFernandez7. I am assigning to our product manager @product_John to review and comment.

  • We're currently working on a feature that lets you create and define Custom Roles. With this feature, you can create your own role that doesn't include the Buzz access. This will be availabe sometime after DP17. 

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