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Hello All, 


Here's my suggestion.


There's currently mapping options for the U.S. that include each state, however for many European countries there is only the 'europe' map, or the local country zip/fips maps.


I would like to see a map that at least uses the Google Analytics Regions data to power map information.


There's generally ~6 areas that GA recognizes under "region" for the UK
  1. England
  2. Scotland
  3. (not set)
  4. Northern Ireland
  5. Wales
  6. Isle of Man


Here's what it looks like inside Google Analytics. 

Inline image 1


Can we make this happen? I know some of our global  or enterprise businesses would surely appreciate more granularity than simply the continent/country options.



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  • Thank you for submitting this @totesmgoets.  I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar for review.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. We will work on this soon. We have a new charting engine coming out this fall and we can add regions like this relatively quickly with that engine. Great suggestion.

  • @Gavatar Any chance we could be on the beta when that comes out? I'd love to give feedback on how we're using maps today.





  • Drew it would be great to get your feedback on this as early as possible. Could you contact me by email at [email protected] and we can look at making you a beta site for this map

  • @Gavatar Has this beta been released yet? I am trying to get a region view on my maps as well.


  • This should be released in January

  • Hi Folks,

    to extend on this, removing GA from the scope. Can we enable the UK Map to utilise UK Postcodes or counties.


  • We are looking for more feedback on what maps you specifically want. Do you have examples of what you want it to look like? If you are willing to work with us we can make sure it works for you. [email protected]


  • Here is a map that some have requested. Will this work for your company?




  • Hi Guys,

    As ye have probably noticed, the UK Postcodes are very detailed.

    I think a good approach would to split the effort into 4 layers each representing the structured level of detail provided by the postcode.


    Layer 1: 'Postcode Area' - Using the first set of left Alpha charachters from a postcode, results in 1 or 2 chars.

    Example: BL9 6BL, CF48 4SH, M1 1AE

    Using the OpenStreetMap above, you can clearly see that the Area represents a large geographical area, of which there are 124.

    By mapping these geo boundries into Domo we could get an excellent representation at high level.


    Layer 2: 'Postcode District'- Removing the last 3 chars leaves either a 3 or 4 charachter postcode. (In fact with correct structure there is always a space between the geo area/district and sector/unit of the postcode).

    By mapping these geo boundries into Domo we get a more granular view of the representated data.


    Layer 3/4: how far do you want to go?


    There are many online sources of GIS, Sector, Shape, Poly mappings for these geo boundries down to actual lat/long values for each individule postcode. Dependand on your backend Domo geo renderer am sure there is something to suite.


    Once we have the count within the boundry, then its just a matter of being creative with how you can represent the count on the map card. Increased Shading. Raised boundries. etc etc...


    Thanks for looking at this, am sure alot of people will find it usefull.

    If you need anything else, please ask.



  • Hey all,

    I've had come communications with ye guys over email on the Postcode topic.

    How are ye progressing with the item?



  • @Gavatar


    Can you update everyone here on this thread as the email communications are not visible to all.


  • Hello @Gavatar We are not working with this client at the moment, so I think any level of granularity deeper than "Europe" and "UK" would probably be an improvement. I think if you could get down to the county map that would be a pretty great start.



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