Can we have the alerts feature in the publication group?

Publication group is great, one key feature that's missing in the publication group is the "Alerts", it will be very nice if we can have the alerts feature in the publication group.

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  • In addition, I would like to allow my users to add a card from a publication group to their FAVORITES page.

  • @StevenC can you please take a look at this?

  • This would be awesome. Without it our users cannot use this invaluable feature of DOMO.
  • The vast majority of my users are missing out on this functionality. 

  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  @StevenC is our PM for this area and will respond.

  • Thanks @GIriarte for another great suggestion. We've submitted this idea to the dev team for review (ticket# 60410).

  • I posted the same idea last year (link below), these two ideas should be merged.


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  • I have posted something like this before as well - Alerts, favorites and and mobile app are all needed for publication groups!!!
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  • Great suggestion @pliu we've created ticket# 60410 for our engineering team to review. Also, see

  • Thanks for bringing that to our attention @pliu and @Shevy a lot of people seem to agree that this would be helpful. Thanks!

  • This is the same idea that @pliu posted in April, I will mark this as duplicate. 


    We should consider +11 votes for the other one.




  • Consider this idea having +11 votes that the duplicate idea had received.



  • Honestly what we need is a "publication group" type filter control at the dataset level.  That would solve most if not all the publication group limitations. 

  • I'm testing a publication group before turning the keys over to the user, and have clicked on the Alerts tab. It shows a helpful graphic about setting up alerts with instructions... but it also has a section called "Suggested Alerts" and is showing a card that is NOT available user who has this publication group.


    As this user, I am able to open the card in details mode and see it - upon clicking the "i" to see the description it does not link to the page where it lives within Domo, because that page is not available to the publication group user - it does NOT have the filters applied to keep consistent with the restricted information available to the publication group user. 


    This seems like a flaw to me, I would be far more comfortable if the suggested alerts only showed cards that were shared to the publication group user or, if that's not possible, the filter structure should stay in place so the user is not randomly able to see more data than pertains to their publication settings. 


    Please address -- I'm hoping this is buried enough that I won't have a ton of publication users picking up on it, but I would much prefer this scenario be eliminated. 


    I'm happy to do a screen share if a Domo team member wants a walk-through.



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  • @RobynLinden


    Can you post a screen share to this or to the one tied to this idea here?


    I'll make sure the team follows up on the collective ideas.



  • Of course --


    Here's what I see when I click 'Alerts' in the tool bar when using my test account for Publication Groups -- curious in the first place, because I don't appear to be able to SET any alerts when viewing cards. Capture.PNG


    Here's what I can see when I click on that card - NOT filtered as expected (it is set to filter out other cities, so if the filter were working it would only show the city available to the Publication Group)Capture.PNG


    Here's a screen shot of a card that IS meant to be available to the Publication Group - just to illustrate that I don't have an Alert bell icon:


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  • Thanks @RobynLinden  for the details and screenshots; we'll add your input to the ticket we created!

  • I found another way to access cards that are NOT intended to be in publication groups. In DomoBuzz, you can see and click on cards that other logged in users have/are viewing, even if they do not exist in your partner access permissions.



    None of the reports listed here are available to the login I was using while viewing via Publication Group.

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  • I would add to this that when I log into my test publication group (note, I am not using single sign on in my configuration), I see the tabs for Favorites and Alerts as the test user... and can't actually utilize them. I think this is very confusing, especially when introducing someone to Domo. Their eye goes left to right across the navigation bar and the first two options after Overview are not applicable.

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  • Look for the solution that Andrew proposed to be released very soon. By adding dataset level control all the features like alerts and favorites will work like they do today but only show the filtered results to each user. This is going to be a killer feature...

  • Great news as many customers want this!

    Thanks everyone for all your feedback to date!




  • Hi, Any updates on a delivery date for this?  Thanks,



  • We solved this by killing our publication groups and transitioning over to PDP rules.  The switchover was a bit rough but it solved TONS of issues for us. 



  • Got it.  Thanks!

  • @Gavatar when will be released?

  • @michaelf 

    cc: @brunobutruille

    Following my question on pub group favorites - I see this one is approved. Great news ! ? Any chance this feature gets included in the next release? 

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