Allow delayed loading while editing cards

I am encountering sever performance issue when editing drillpath cards when the data amount is big.


While it is possible (and common sense) to filter the data on parent card, drillpath editing does not take parent level filter into consideration (which is fine & correct). So it ends up taking a lot of time loading the drillpath card while editing.


Please implement one of the following to avoid this problem:

-- allow delayed loading: have a "cancel loading" popup when loading of the card takes longer than a few seconds, and allow users to finish editing & manually load or save the card. It is usually easier to go through the actual drilling for validation purpose than waiting for pre-view on edit mode in such case.


-- allow user to select some sort of filter, if preview loading takes longer than a few second.  These filters SHOULD NOT be saved as part of the drillpath card though.  It is purely for quicker load of preview for editing purpose.



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  • Other acceptable options

    -- add "SHOW ONLY # or rows for Editing".  Current "Show Only" seems to be for the final card.  Although it can be used as a temp. workaround while editing, it has to load the whole dataset for review before the final save which will still hit the performance issue.


    -- allow drillpath to change dataset on "Drill Path" list page, so users can edit card using a smaller dataset & switch to the actual dataset after modification is saved.


  • Thank you for submitting this @Hua. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • @Hua This is a great idea, thanks for taking the time to submitting this idea. I am reviewing this with the team. 

  • Keeping the status as Under Review per @ckwright comments.

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