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I'm excited about the new Report Scheduler feature, but am curious - will the options to schedule Excel or PPT (etc.) exports be available with this? The Scheduler is a great idea, but at an initial look it seems to be more of a "reminder" for someone to look at a card, rather than a delivery of the data via a document export.

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  • Completely agree - I could fully automate some table cards and customer cards if the EXCEL version of report scheduler was created! (But what is out is fantastic and very appreciated!)
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    Thank you for submitting this @Echelon. I am assigning to our product manager @StevenC to review and comment.

  • I agree with this too. I would even be happy if the full table from a card was displayed, rather than just the first few columns. However, this has made some weekly reporting easier, so the feature is definitely still helpful. 

  • Completely agree on this.  Particularly for tabular cards, I have no good way to deliver data exports via email from DOMO today (scheduled reports on tabular cards include a very small screenshot of a card).

  • Thanks for all the feedback, I am glad to hear the new Report Scheduler feature is helpful. I will add the exporting request to future needs. @product_John

  • We love the Scheduled Reports functionality.  Being able to send a ppt or excel as a scheduled report would really take things to the next level.

  • Hi @ckwright and @product_John, any progress on this request/review?



  • @ckwright@product_Johnany feedback for the Community?

  • @ckwright @product_John any update on this request?

  • @Echelon Thanks for this feedback about the export files being available schedule reports. This is a request that we have on our product radar as an enhancement for v2 Report Scheduler. 

  • I agree the scheduled report w/o an attachement has very little value.  In all systems I have ever used, the only time I have ever scheduled a report was for the purpose of analyzing it further via excel.  I would liken domo cards to using a 4x5 camera.  Takes a bit of time to configure but you get amazing results.  But you want a quick hit, your smart phone (camera) / Excel (data analysis)  is a way better tool. 

  • We would like to vote for the ability to schedule an Excel export as an attachment. 

  • How is this not already implemented?

    This is core functionality of EVERY OTHER BI SUITE!


  • @ckwright @btm


    Can you provide a current update please?


  • Agree with this idea, we are waiting a real report scheduler for years now...

  • Agree with all of the above! We need the ability to schedule an export of a card in Excel (for tables) or PowerPoint (for graphs) so that we can capture how a card looked at the end of a month, rather than having to go back and try and play with data filters to see what it might have looked like. With the current report scheduler, the tiny preview I get of a card is simply not big enough for me to be able to review.


    When will this feature be available?

  • Just wanted to hop on this thread. I have a business unit asking for some data where this would solve all their needs. 

  • Our organization has the same requirement. 


    We need to be able to extract a list of current Domo users so that we can automate (from our central security repository) the creation of the necessary PDP Policies and apply them to specific individuals within the Domo application.  This is critical to our continued use and expansion of the application within our organization.


    It would be more useful to be able to automate an extract either to an FTP site or directly to an in-house database via ODBC.  An emailed attachment is useful (for other reasons) but adds additional steps to our specific use case. 

  • +1 Need this functionality, as the current state of the scheduler is not very useful. Having the excel file emailed directly would be amazing. Is there an ETA on this?

  • +1 on this functionality.  The use case is we need to send an automated customer-specific table on a daily basis.  

  • @ckwright any update on where we may be with V2?

    Thanks all for the comments and votes for this idea!




  • For us this is one of the most important missed feature with DOMO and it 's a must for any ETL manager to have the ability to schedule exports or data output to any other connector like excel or csv via sFTP,SCP, Drive, ODBC, even onPremise dBs using a local installed agent for those who need receive data from DOMO and store it locally thought VPNs or SSH tunnels or so.

  • Hey Domo,


    Any update or ETA on this functionality?

  • I am also in desparate need of such a functionality... When will this be planned in?

  • Is it a licensing concern?  The value of Domo would increase tremendously if I could send a full Excel/CSV attachment generated from a table card.


    Otherwise, I am reliant on SSRS.

  • I think it is a Business Model Concern.


    The way things appear, they will not implement this functionality because they want force us to purchase more Domo licenses.

    This software seems intentionally crippled on several levels with this objective in mind.



  • You are probably right with the business model concern. However, the main reason executives need this is to get the data offline while they are traveling. They need to consult the data anytime, anywhere and sometimes, having a snapshot of the data at a certain time is useful. Almost 90% of our non-shop floor employees alreary have a Domo license, but we still need to get some fixed data reports for the reasons I just mentioned. In my mind, live data respond to another need and does not mean they should be seperated. We just need both anyway so I don't think they will loose some licenses by doing this. They can just build the feature in a way that emails can be sent to licensed users only.

  • They will release it for xmas ?

  • @DaniBoy@ckwrightany updates for the users on this functionality?

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