Today you have available Deutsch and French, 56 and 18 position on top languages in the world. With only 96 million people.

Spanish is the second most-spoken language with 390 million people. Japanese is number 9 with 125 million.



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    Great idea! I Am adding Domo Education team to this as it has been discussed but I don't know of a timeline yet.


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  • Thanks very much for this comment, and I love your use of data to substatiate the request. We are certainly working with our product team to prioritize localizing our KB (and other Domo University assets) into additional languages beyond Japanese, French and German. 


    As you can imagine, part of this has to do with not just the global ranking of languages by speaker volume, but also by the most-spoken languages among our user base. That won't always match up exactly with the former, but I can assure you that we take your comments seriously and I will ensure this gets the attention with our product team that it deserves. 


    Thanks again,


    Mark Willder

    Director, Domo University

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