Geocode Datasets

We currently make use of the Domo maps to display flight information as our interal dataset is already geocoded.   We also store customer address information and would love the ability, within Domo, to do the following:


1. Geocode addresses turning physical addresses into geographic points (Latitude & Longitude )

2. Have a new card type that would be a heat map by location similar to the example below:



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  • I would also use this functionality.  Right now I am using FIPS and ZIP to map customer delivery information, having the mapped location at the next level down (address geocoded as described in your request) would be the next obvious level of drill down.

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    @jpjetlinx and @swagner 


    The bad news is you are unable to geocode addresses or produce heatmaps in a native Domo card.  @DaniBoy might be able to provide some insight on if these functionalities are on Domo's product roadmap.  


    The good news is that you can still do these things in Domo but you will need to create a custom app incorporating the Google Maps API.  I have developed several custom apps with the Google Maps API for my company and would be glad to help point you in the right direction.  Let me know if this is of interest to you and we can set up a conference call to discuss the process.  

  • This is a great idea!


    @btm Can we get this assigned to someone?


    For those that are interested I would be happy to facilitate a Webex with @tmullins to discuss custom apps.


    Let me know if this is of interest.





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    Thank you for submitting this @jpjetlinx. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • Thank you for this suggestion. We have had the mapping to lat/long on our backlog for some time now. I am working on a simple csv dataset that you can join with to create a lat/long map. I will upload that here. We are working on making this part of the product flow automatically (no need to create a dataflow).


    On the second request it looks like you have a pie chart on each lat long point. We have talked about this idea and we would love to better understand the data format needed. How would you want the data to be formatted in your dataset? What would it look like?




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