Add a numeric-to-string format function to beast mode (TO_CHAR or something similar)



I find myself trying to put multiple data points into complex summary beast modes so that I can provide info at-a-glance in card summaries.  For example, I'd like to be able to generate the following line of text in a card summary:


$10,000 Delinquency vs. $50,000 GPR (20.00%)


 I can calculate the data points for that summary string.  However, I can't format the numbers properly (I end up with "10000.0000000000000" instead of "10,000").  That said, I could get this done if beast mode supported a numeric-to-string format function similar to TO_CHAR (Redshift's implementation of TO_CHAR for reference, though Oracle also supports TO_CHAR)


Can you add TO_CHAR as a beast mode function?  Thanks.



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  • @mdelorey I want to make sure you see this thread - reminder that when we looked at the new card editor at conference I had a question about adding string beast modes to summary #, not just value formats!


    (sorry @CFRyan for sneaking onto your thread, but Mark is a great resource on this topic Smiley Happy)


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  •  No problem!  I think we're trying to solve for the same problem, so it's definitely relevant.  Thanks!

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    Thank you for submitting this @CFRyan. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

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