Mobile App Usability - Beastmode Summary Numbers & Card Titles - Don't Display Correctly

Three issues: 


  1. When you use a beastmode for your summary numbers, it doesn't show up corrently in the Mobile App. In my case, I use concat bestmodes to display multiple numbers in my card summary, including line breaks ('<br>'). On the mobile app, it displays the formatting code and will only show one line of the summary number (whereas on my desktop I can see 3 lines for my summary number). 
  2. The full card title doesn't show up on the mobile app. When I first click on the card (title in blue ribbon at top), I can click on the title and a popup box with the full title will display (annoying), but then if I click on the expand square for the card, only two rows of the title will show up. 
  3. "About" option is impossible to click on. When you click on a card in the mobile app -- there's 3 options at the bottom (buzz, about, and related), but the About option is covered by the 9-square home icon so it's imossible to actually click on it. 


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  • Thanks Angela and great seeing you in NY!!!


    @codysmith please have a look at this idea


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  • All please see the other mobile UI related ideas that have been submitted here.

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    Thank you for submitting this @angelastizza. I am assigning to our product manager @codysmith to review and comment.

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    @angelastizza thanks for reaching out! Apologies on the delay, I missed when this frist came in.

    For item #1 I will work with you off line as I would like to work with support to look at the specific cards you are working on to give you a more accurate response.

    #2 We did add the ability to tap the top bar as you mentioned to see the full title. As far as tapping the cell to expand it beyond 2 lines, we are acutally meeting to begin optimizing that this week. Curious to hear your feedback about how you would expect that to behave. There are a few different scenarios we need to consider here to make sure the expand option doesn't go too far and make the whole table unusable in the event the cell contains a large amount of text.

    #3 You can long press on the hover menu to relocate it on the screen so it's not in you way.

    Hope this helps out ?




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    I removed your email address from the comment section and will connect you directly with @angelastizza offline.


    In the future feel free to use the private message feature in Dojo by clicking on the customer's handle and then you will see a link on the upper right of their profile page a link to send a PM.



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