Enable UK PostCodes on UK Map

Hi All,

Am supprised we dont have this, but I would imagine this is a make or break item for many UK users.


UK Postcodes: Full PostCode Heat Map (outward radius glow, similar to google fusion maps).

UK Postcodes: Short Postcode relative to actual geo mapping or County boundry.





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  • Hi All,

    Any update on this item?

    Many thanks.


  • Thank you for submitting this @Kurbz. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • Appreciate that @btm. It would be really great to consolidated my maps into Domo also.
  • Hi Folks

    any update on the progress of this review?

    Whats the plan with UK Maps?

    Postcode and County? ?

    many thanks.



  • Thanks Kurbz, we are working on getting updated postal codes for the UK map. Are you interested in working with us on this solution so that it works like you are expecting? If so just let me know ([email protected])


  • Old topic, but did this ever get developed beyond short postcode?

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