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I would really like a specific small enhancement to the pie graph. There are very few chart settings on this KPI type, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were other ideas.


The big one for me is that you can toggle the legend and slices to display % or Value, but there is always a large total figure to the side (when you view in details view) that shows Value.


I would like to share these pies widely with users, but I am only permitted to show the percentage-of-whole that a category represents, not the sum total of the category values added together. I realize I could calculate the three percentages and use those as the values (right now values are my revenue field, which is broken out into the three categories), but I would much rather proceed as is and just remove the large number to the right -- same idea as saying "No Summary Number."


Please add more flexibilty to the pie chart properties.



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    Thank you for submitting this @RobynLinden. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • Interesting use case. We will look at adding an option to hide the interactive summary on the right of the pie chart.


  • We have added this ability along with many new options to our pies. It should be released next month. Here is a screen shot of the pie chart using the option to supress the right or "hover" legend and showing only percent in the regular legend. You could also do this by supressing both legends and just showing the values on the pie chart or on hover.



    Pie no hover legend.PNG

  • Looks great, thanks! While you're updating chart setttings, any chance we'll get the "Show one total" back for bar graphs? I think it disappeared with the new Analyzer. 

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