Card datasource type icon link should act like card creator icon.

On any given card at the bottom is a band that shows the card's creator icon, view count, comment count, and the datasource icon, see image.




I'd like the Datasource Icon to act like the Card Creator Icon and display relevant info on mouse click.  That way users done have to enter the card page to determine the data's relative freshness, etc.  The minimum data I'd like that preview to display is  "Name Link to Datasource Page", "Last Udpated", "Number of Rows", "Number of Cards Powered by Dataset" and "Dataset Creator".


*Then if you really wanted to be -*crazy*-! the "Dataset Creator" section you could imbed a Card Creator Icon and have it act just like the one that's already in place!!  :')  -->  :'D  -->  8'D  -->  X'D    Go ahead, re-use that code, you have my permission!  

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  • tc
    tc 🟡

    Vote this up!  It would be easy to implement and add a lot of value for all those cards you build that are so good, people don't even have to click into them.

  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @tc. I am assigning to our product manager@ckwright to review and comment.

  • We will take a look at this idea. 

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