Ability to aggregate on aggregates in beast mode

Currently beast mode doesn't allow the ability to aggregate on an aggregate, like a SUM with an AVG calculation to apply it to the summary number.  This has caused some difficulty by wanting just a simple summary number turn into an elaborate need for creating an ETL / Transform.  After dismissing the route of being able to run a beast mode, I went to the ETL to set up a Group By to remove the one aggregate layer - of course, I cannot do that because the input dataset I was trying to put in was actually a fusion which isn't allowed in Domo at this time.  Therefore, transform it is!  If you could find a way to allow the two aggregate calculations to function in Domo beast mode, I think that would help quite a bit for many for AVG summary numbers which is certanily of use to any executives in a company along with the totals YTD. Thanks!

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  • @Tatyana_K Thanks for taking the time to submit this feedback. I am a product manager here at Domo. Our dev team will take a look at this request. 

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