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One of my uses of the Mobile App is to see quick up-to-date data on the go. However, I don't want to force every dataset to update very frequently. Especially when the majority of the time is involving only a few datasets that feed into a decent percentage of the dataflows in our organization.


Instead, it would be very useful if you could manually update data from the Mobile App. However, you cannot see the datasets at all from the mobile app. It would be very useful if you could view all of the datasets (and the cards that are powered by those datasets like on the desktop version of the website) or at least be able to update the datasets from the card view. 


Another feature that would definitely be useful would be to update the data for a card including running any datasets that feed into the data flow that creates the dataset that the card is using. Currently, trying to update a dataset if it is a dataflow is useless as it only gives you the option to change datasets.

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    Thank you for submitting this @mlb. I am assigning to our product manager @codysmith to review and comment.

  • @mlb Thank you for reaching out. We have on our roadmap the ability to have more viviblity and controls into datasets and the Data Center from thr mobile applications. As we continue to scope out and define the effrot we will take your feedback into account.





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