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Understanding that the funnels are in their infancy, i'd like to suggest some nice enhancements.

Many funnel users, espicially those in ecom, would be aware that the top level funnel value might be 100, and the bottom a simple 1. If we load a funnel with say a dataset of values such as, 100, 70, 30, 10, 1, our funnel is so thin at the bottom its unpractical. Understanding that the current funnels represent the value as a size, it would be nice to override this association and make the funnel segments a more practical size.


For example: Stream Funnel. (the best of the bunch at the moment, slightly keeping some level of size with the smaller segments.)



It would be great to have an option to fatten up the funnel, allowing it to keep its nice shape regardless of values.



Putting the same data into the standard funnel is worse, the bottom values are squeezed out of recognition, when one could argue they are the most important.


Again, it would be nice to override the automatic sizing of the segments allowing them to hold a visually pleasing size. 


For instance, regardless of the values of the data entered, lets hold the shape segment sizes over the values.image.png


Also, obviously ye are aware, the configuration properties on the funnels are very light, am sure there is already a plan to beef these up

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  • Hi again,

    just adding to the Percentage Values item:

    See below, which displays the % of Total.


    % of Total and a Funnel are fundamentally contrary to each other.

    The options we should have:

    % of Top Level.

    % of Previous.


    Users is the top level, this represents 100% of the scope of whats below.

    Users:           23.4k = 100%

    Basket:          1.97k = 8.41% (of users)

    Checkout:      557 = 2.38% (of users)



    hope this makes sence. The only funnel which does display % of Top Level is the Folded Funnel, but again, the size of the funnel is relative to the value, which really makes the funnel visually unpractical. Plus the Folded Funnel doesnt display the series. 


    Again, just making the point about a funnel of which whos size is not related to the value of the segment. Am sure there is some nice ratio that could be met for sizing the funnel. 

    HMM, Fibonacci to the rescue? 







    Actually looks good with Fibonacci applied to the segment size (for a constant), tho being able to configure manually would be good too. Could have a property such as 'Segment Split' = '1,2,3,5,8,13'.


    Looks like alot of the functionality/properties is there around labeling, percentages etc, but it seems to be spread across all the funnel, with no funnel being fully loaded with the required config properties.


    If I had a preference, i'd like to see the Segment Size being uncoupled from the segment value.

    And the introduction of the % of Top Level value. (similar to the folded funnel)


    cheers guys.


    Im 'vultus parumper novus officium.


  • @Kurbz


    Thank you for taking the time to submit these amazing ideas on funnels. I am voting this one up.


    @btm this is very worthy of getting in front of the product team right away!



  • Thanks @DaniBoy


    did i mention Dates? ?


    obvious I know and likely on the roadmap, just calling it out.

    filtering is possible, but again as per a previous idea, we cannot filter by (or exclude) current this or previous that. we must explicitly specify the < > = date.





  • howdy again,

    just playing further with the Stream Funnel.

    I notice when there is a date on the dataset in the Analyser I have the ability to choose the date using he standard date selector, this week, last week, etc etc.

    However when I save the card and view it outside the analyser the date option is removed. I doubt this is by design.


    (i also discovered we can zoom vertically against the Y axis, which is totally cool).




  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @Kurbz. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

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