Control which columns show up in list for filtering

When using a data source with many columns (let alone many Beast Mode calcs, let alone a DataFusion), I would like to be able to restrict certain columns from showing up in the "Add Filter" list when users are analyzing cards. I want to give users ONLY the filters that might help them learn more about the data, and

the more calcs I write on my data set the longer that list gets -- and in a list of 20 columns my users probably only need 5 or so.  If my users see the image below they get confused, rather than directed toward helpful tools that may enhance their BI. 


If this already exists, please point me to the documentation -- thank you!


too many filter options.PNG



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  • TimK
    TimK ⚪️

    YES!  This is a huge road block for our team.  Our users are unable to sort through all the columns and beast modes and therefore shy away from the Analyzer.  Having the ability to only show them  3 or 4 useful filter options would increase our usage dramatically

  • AGREED.  This has oft been discussed within our group as well.

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37816

  • @Gavatar can you take a look at this please?

  • Yes, totally agree.  This would be so key!!!!  I've been told the way around this is to write a dataflow on top of an exisiting dataflow, but we would need to write too many dataflows

  • Yes, this would be a great feature, the team is looking the level effort to develop this feature. Once we find out more details and prioritize it with other features, I will provide an update. 

  • Yes, this is much needed feature as we have to explain our clients about what columns are meant for them and what are not !(and many other explainations which in turn creates more confusion for them)

  • 100% true. Our Executive team claim this all the time. Please, make this happen as soon as possible. 







  • @fsalinas please vote this idea (Click on white arrow next to original idea) up so we can assign it to a product manager, your voice and votes are being heard!





  • Done. Please, do it as soon as possible. 


  • Hello DOMO Team, what is the status on this idea?


  • Justo to ask you to focus on this. Our COO (Chief Operations Officer), just compare Domo against Qlickview (we have both), And the reason why he prefer Qlickview is because he do not need to deal with big list of filters, he have the filters he wants display on their screen rifht away....

    Smiley Frustrated


  • @fsalinas Thanks for this feedback. There is already a posted idea for this request. that has 29 likes Please let me know if this is a different request. This request is on our backlog and we continue to look at solutions for this request. 


    @DaniBoy Dojo Idea that alreday exsists. 

    Control which columns show up in filter

  •  29 likes, with mine 30.... and you have not deliver it....


    Consider that you only receibe feedback of only one per 23 customers... means there is more than 690 customers asking for this... and still not solved?


    As I said, this is somenthing I can do with Qlikview. 

  • Also allow for better control of analyzer field such as grouping several fields into one) we have multiple country fields for example) and friendly names.
  • This would be key. Too many 'development' fields are available in our filter selections that are confusing to some users. Ability to add aliases for the selected filter columns would be cool as well to add more meaningful definitions to the filter selections.

  • hi domo-- where does this enhancement stand? Our executives are eagerly waiting for this as well. the analyzer is confusing for users as it stands currently.

  •  hi domo where does this enhancement stand? eagerly waiting for an update.

  • Hi, I second this enhancement, it is a major problem for end users when confronted with all the columns in analyzer ... it is discouraging adoption because it makes an otherwise elegant tool look complicated. For us it is way too complicated to try and re-write data flows .. indeed some are impossible because we need the column for internal filtering within the card, but do not want users to see that.

    Can't come soon enough, what is the status of this lately?


  • Hello - Are there any updates on this enhancement? It would affect our future development framework within our company. Seems to be a commonly requested feature.



  • @Gavatar @ckwright


    Can you provide an update on this requested feature?



  • This would be a fantastic feature!

  • @Gavatar @ckwright @DaniBoy


    Any updates on this?

  • @btm this needs review and an update from the prodcut team on status, thanks!

  • @DaniBoy,


    Are there any updates on this feature request? I would think with 72 votes, and the age of this submission, that this would be getting more attention for potentially being implemented. It appears that a lot of people would find this feature very useful for their organisation. It would also benefit DOMO by being an overall improvement to user experience.

  • @btm could this request be assigned for review?

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