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Would love to have the opportunity to size cards in other ways than small, medium, large. i.e. by dragging the side of the card sideways or downwards have the ability to create a landscape or sidebar type of card or even one that would span 4 cards normally.




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  • @StevenC is the product manager for this area.  He will take a look at this request and provide an update.

  • Thanks for the suggestion @RosanneBroersma. We've sent an internal ticket to the engineering team to review this possibility. You can follow up on it later by asking about ticket # DOMO-46496.

  • This would be great! I use table cards relatively frequently and the biggest size tends to only show 2 or 3 columns on the dashboard, which can be inconvenient.




  • Looking for feedback - is the biggest use case for flexible cards with Tables on a page. Needing the ability to see more coloumns and rows? Is there a strong need to resize cards with Charts?

  • Speaking for myself (I am NOT the OP of this thread, fyi), I see the biggest usecase being with the table cards.  If I had the ability with charts then that would be a bonus from my point of view.





  • @nlombardini Thanks for the response, anyone else? 

  • To piggy back on this idea, how about being able to select the number of cards you want to veiw on a page and they would automatically resize? So you could select 2,4, 6, 8. Then you would see that many cards that were fit to that page.

  • Yes!  Being able to give table cards a custom size would be huge.  We have a lot of "score cards" that are tablular \ text data.  They create a lot of white space in sumo cards or are cut off when a regular table card.

  • @jferrara Thanks for the input, this is helpful. 

  • @Johnf This is an interesting idea, I appriciate the feedback and ideas. 

  • +1; would be enormously helpful to create quick view summary dash's

  • I wish we could have more flexible card sizes.  The largest card size doesn't cut it for some visualizations and especially for tables with more than 3 columns.


    Can we get an XL card size?  Or can we have user-defined card sizes?

  • this would be amaaaaaazing!!!

  • Agree with this, Sometimes it is important to view a full card along side other cards and a majority of them just do not fit the scale. Yes I know about Design Studio Apps and Custom Apps, but it seems like kind of a simple solution!

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    Thank you for submitting this @user0010188. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • @user0010188 Thanks for taking the time to submit this idea. This is actually a duplicate idea. Please vote on that post so we can have all votes on the same tix. Thanks! 


  • This would be fantastic if you could make this happen.  I use table cards and I notice that when I size up there is a lot of whitespace that is unused and taking up real estate on the dashboard.   It would be great to have the flexibility to display and size my cards for what works best for my data.    Please make this happen soon!  Also, please make SUMO cards adjustable as well!!! 

  • For table cards, dynamic height adjustment based on table content would be great.  I have some reports that require text comments in addition to visualization.  Text entered can vary significantly.  When very little text is entered there is significant white space even at minimum height for card.

  • What is the status of this request?

  • +1. I know there has been some progress here with some updated properties in the Card Analyzer, but it should be much easier to set custom sizes, right from the dashboard screen (drag and expand).

  • With the new Stories, functionality users can increase or decrease the Card size when they drag and drop a card into their story. 

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    Thank you for the update @ckwright !!!

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