Chart shows %_CATEGORY_TOTAL multiple times in column

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 5.25.42 PM.pngI have the attached chart and if  you look at each column, most of them have the %_CATEGORY_TOTAL listed twice.  Is there a way to fix it?

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  • VictorReyes
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    If you select staked bar as your chart type then in chart properties you will have the option to only show one label. The show one label isn't visible from the single bar even though the series is stacked. 




  • Hello,


    I have seen this happen when there is a value set for both the hover text and the data label properties in the Chart Properties section - is that what could be happening here?

  • I have not set the Hover Text settings.  But that is good to know.

  • Can you send me a screenshot of your chart properties and expand the sections where you have made any changes? Most likely there is something in there that is causing it.

  • Interesting, there should be a check box to show one label but I dont see it in your screenshot. It should look similar to the screenshot I am attaching. 

  • Yeah, this is what is happening  - good catch Victor.


    Select the Stacked Bar chart and you should get the only show one label option.

  • I see. That's strange that our properties are different.

  • Sorry Victor.  I didn't understand your response until raggaestar said it again lol.  Nice job.

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