Applying the data table row limit to the summary number function

I would like to apply the data table row limit to the summary number function as an option. Basically showing only the limited rows measures sum as one of the summary numbers. For example, we sorted (descending / ascending - either or) one of the measures and then we limited the data table a limit was set to 50 rows to display on the chart. We want that sum of the 50 rows of data to show as the Summary number and not the entire data sets measure as the summary number. This may also be done by a rank funciton in beast mode but there is no rank f function also.  


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    Hello Victor,

    I am not sure how you are limiting the number of rows in the data table, so I can’t comment on why the summary number isn’t changing. I do know that if you use filters on the page, the summary number will change according to the filter set.  Even though we don’t have a rank function in beast mode, there is a rank and window function available in Magic ETL.  Perhaps that could help?

    Tasleema - Sr Product Manager


    Thank you for your response. We are limiting the data table rows in analyzer. Limit 50 rows on a calculated field. The calculated field is then sorted in descending order. We want to see the top 50 rows in that order. Since this is a calculated the row the top 50 will change daily because it is calculated / derived. So the filter on the page will not filter properly because it is a moving target to get the top 50. A greater than value or set 50 named values does not work either, the moving target. Hence I mentioned the ranking to identify the 50. 
    We can look at Magic ETL but if a power user wants to do this for reporting it would really help having the limit row option in relation to the Summary number function. Or having a ranking also.
    Thanks again,
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