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I need to be able to search pages from the admin tab just like you can with people. 

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  • This is already available under the admin tab.

  • Hey User07995, 


    I see the search feature on the admin tab for people and groups but not for pages and cards. Could you screenshot where I can see this?



  • prpage,


    If you can't see this option, maybe it has been disabled on your instance. I would talk to your Major Domo and or domo representative to get it activated.

    2017-10-20 08_25_47-Admin - Domo.png

  •  pasted image 0.png

    prpage wrote: I learned that I can search pages by clikcing the three vertical dots to the right of page name field but why is the interface different on the 'page' tab than the 'people' and 'groups' tab. The search function does not feel as intuitive



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