Show All Of The Dataflows A Dataset is an Input To On The Dataset Itself



Please show all of the dataflows that a dataset is an input to.


If a dataset is an input then there is currently not a way to tell at the dataset level. A user must navigate to the dataflows and reverse engineer the dataflow to make this determination. 


This would make dataset maintenace easier and hopefully prevent a user from deleting a dataset that is mission critical but appears to be unused. 

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  • I just put in a question about this, then found your idea.

    I would think this would go well on the dataset's data lineage tab. There's even a line there now that this kind of visualization would fit perfectly beneath. 

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    Thanks for the great suggestion, I am assigning this to @StevenC


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  • Agreed! I have often wished for this ability--usually after I have accidentally deleted a dataset that was being used in a dataflow, but looked like it was unused, just as you described above. This feature would be super helpful to avoid this from happening!

  • I would like to see this too.

  • Hi,


    We received this Excel plugin from a tech support rep from DOMO. Included in this is the ability to see all of the inputs in a dataflow. 


    Thought this would be helpful to others. Don't really understand why this isn't publicly available as this is exactly what everyone's been asking for. 


  • jstan
    jstan Dallas, TX 🟠

    If it is not out yet, it will be soon.  On the dataset overview, there is a button that says tidy up this dataset with the number of dataflows created above it (like how many cards are on the dataset).  You can click on it and it will search for all the dataflows a dataset is used in.



  • It will be huge help to have this forward view -- Any updates on this?  

  • jstan
    jstan Dallas, TX 🟠

    On a dataset overview, you should be able to click on the box below and it will bring up all the dataflows using this dataset.  It does not currently bring up fusion datasets.



  • Hi, Josh, Thank you.  That is good to know.  


  • Domo has a feature called 'Complete Data Lineage', currently in beta.  This feature allows you to see all the dataflows, cards, and alerts that are directly and indirectly powered by a dataset.  I'm including a screenshot below of the complete lineage for a dataset called 'Combined Lead List'.  You can see that it shows you which input datasets are used to create the Combined Lead List, the dataflows/alerts/cards Combined Lead List powers, and whether any of the dataflows are broken.  If you'd like to participate in the beta for this feature, please contact [email protected]


    Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 11.38.06 AM.png

  • jstan
    jstan Dallas, TX 🟠

    There are still issues with complete data lineage including partitions and views, but it is a start.

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