Change Color Rule on Final Drill Path for Quick Filter statuses?

Checked prior to submitting but not finding anything, and if I had to guess it's unlikely this is an option unless there's a beast mode that can accomplish what we're looking to do. We had multiple cards to show agent statuses, and in the final drill path, depending on the agent metric being measured we could set to a color rule that would show any column where the agent was out of adherence to red, while other columns remained green to indicate they were in compliance.


We want to cut down on the number of cards, and generated a new card using a Treemap chart and added quick filters for the top level. This is great because we can view all statuses at a glance, and drill down in each for any agents by month, week, & day. The only drawback to it that we've seen is the final drill path (Agent by Day), seems if a color rule is set for one status that remains for any final drill down, no matter the status we're drilling in. Is there a way to have a different color rule for each status on that final drill down?


Thanks in advance for your time and any suggestions on whether this is possible out of the box, or if you're aware of a beast mode or another "work-around" that can provide this functionality (screenshots below to help better understand what we're seeing, if needed)...


 Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 5.53.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-09 at 5.54.17 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-09 at 5.54.44 PM.png

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  • Thor
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    Thanks for the clarification!


    Without seeing the data, it is hard to say for sure. I think it sounds like you have one column of data that is dedicated to the time? 


    If you have multiple column names with that time information, you could set a Color Rule for each different column. However, if you only have one column for the data, you would need to write a BeastMode to pull out the information for each different status an agent could be in.


    Let me know if that makes sense.


    Josh Thorn 

    DOMO Support

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  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Hello John!


    This is a good question. It is possible to add additional Color Rules on the drill down of a card, by editing the drill layer, and adding the color rule there. If the rule is already there, you can change the conditions of the rule, and when applying, choose to save only to this card. 


    The last section of this Knowledge Base article talks about Color Rules on a drill down:


    I hope you have a great day!


    Josh Thorn

    DOMO Support

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  • Hey Josh. I apologize if the question wasn't clear, it's confusing to say the least but what we're looking to do is different than simply changing the color rules on a drill path, we already do that and it's a great feature!


    What we'd like to do, if it's possible, is to be able to change the color rules for any given Quick Filter since they've provided us an opportunity to decrease the number of cards overall, which is great, but may not allow us to see, at a glance, when agents are not where they need to be our out of adherence.


    So, before we had 15 cards, one for the 15 different statuses an agent could be in. For each of those cards, the final drill path would have a specific color rule applied, based on the requirement, so we could quickly see if an agent was where they needed to be.


    With Quick Filters, we found it no longer necessary to have all those cards since we could have a single card, with quick filters enabled, and adjust at the top level for the specific status we wanted to view. Problem is, we set a color rule on the final drill path for one status, and that same criteria is being used across all statuses (i.e. occurrences >30 minutes for breaks carries over to occurrences of meal times >60 minutes, which would then show ALL meal times out of adherence since all are over 30, whether they are or aren't >60 minutes).


    Does that make sense, are you able to understand what we're trying to accomplish? And if it's not something that can be done usng color rules, wondering if it can be done with a comprehensive beast mode to account for all statuses, and the requirements for each? Thanks

  • Yes, Josh, that does make sense and it's pretty much what we figured would have to be done!


    Let me ask you this: I'm still pretty new to Domo and really wouldn't know where to begin with a Beast Mode for this particular issue; is it something that you or anyone else could get us started on, then I'd be able to play around with it and take my time to learn as I continue expanding it to incldue all statuses?


    If not we'd understand, but figured it was worth asking since we didn't receive any feedback on this in the Dojo Forum, which is usually very good when it comes to Beast Mode assistance! Appreciate your time and effort on this...

  • John,


    Here are a couple of resources in the Knowledge Base that will be of assistance to you.



    Those three should give you a good basis of BeastModes and I think the Bucketing article will be helpful for this use case.


    Have a great day!




    Josh Thorn
    Technical Advisor
    DOMO Support

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