Domo-wide Beast Mode repository

Saw a request on this for internal use (single organization), but didn't see that it was moving forward, just that it was assigned for review back in June - I'd love to see this taken one step further with the development of a Domo-wide Beast Mode repository for all users to submit so that others are able to view, and replicate with changes as needed for their organization, for use in their own cards?


I believe this would have the potential for being a HUGE help to those learning Domo & Beast Modes (not that the available support pages are not helpful, but to have existing, functioning Beast Modes within a single library would be awesome!); additionally, this could possibly help lighten the load for your Dojo Support staff since a repository would conceivably have a large number of items that newbies such as myself are looking for, as well as others who might be a little further along! 

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