Displaying what controls bubble size on a bubble chart

I love bubble charts. People may need them explained once or twice, but then bubbles are just so great at packing interesting information into a big space.


I've had a look, and I think I'm missing something obvious: How do you label what's controlling the bubble size? It's critical to know this when you're trying to interpret a bubble graph, but I don't see where it shows up. It can appear in a hover as a value, and you can indicate something in a (long) title.


The same question applies to labelling the series use to color the bubbles, etc., if used. In my current example, I'm only using x,y and size.


Thank you!


P.S. I did look through the docs and hunt through the options in the Analyzer...but I could have missed what I'm looking forward. A friend describes that phenomenon as "fridge blindness." As in, "Where are the pickles?"...and they're right in front of you.

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  • Thor
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    Hey DataSquirrel,


    Here is that Knowledge Base article about the Bubble Graph: http://knowledge.domo.com?cid=bubblegraph


    In that article, it shows that the Bubble size is controlled by the Bubble Size section in Analyzer. You can get this value to show on the card by using the Chart Property - Data Label Settings and by using %_BUBBLE_VALUE for the text. 


    As far as labeling that value at the Details view of the card, there currently is no way to do that. I would recommend placing that value in the title (e.g. Cost of Hotels, by Price - or - Number of Sales, by User). 


    You could also submit an Enhancement Request to get this feature added to Domo inside of your instance using the Product Feedback button located in the Menu. 


    Here is a link to our FAQ concerning Enhancement Request processing, and how to submit feedback inside of Domo: https://knowledge.domo.com?cid=faqs


    You are also able to create suggestions in the Domo Dojo here: https://dojo.domo.com/t5/Ideas-Please-suggest-ideas-to/idb-p/Ideas. In this section of the Dojo, customer suggestions can be "liked" by other customers, and updates will be intermittently provided about whether something will be implemented, and if so, when. 


    Our product team reviews every enhancement request submitted so keep the ideas flowing.


    Have a great day!




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  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Josh,


    Thanks for the quick and thorough reply. Thanks also for the link back tot he docs. I've found that the "Build Each Card Type" docs are excellent. The diagrams regarding "powering" each graph that show what data is required, and in what arragnement, and how each element maps to the final graph - fantastic. If there's a new chart type I don't know, or I'm having trouble, these docs are really perfect.


    Thanks too for confirming that what I'm after isn't currently a feature. I've been submitted requests through the Dojo "Ideas" forum. Is it better to use the Feedback feature for any reason?



  • I've added an enhancement request, in case anyone else is interested in the same feature.


    Bubble chart legend enhancement: Show source and example of bubble scale and color


    The idea is to use a legend to explain the bubble size and color, if used.





  • Hi DataSquirrel,


    I would recommend posting in Product Feedback as well. The more places you are heard, the better, right? I would also link the URL to the Enhancement Request in Dojo for their reference. I like what you did with the chart there.


    Have a great day!




    Josh Thorn
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  • Not a real solution, but a bit of a workaround. I just tried this out and it works (to a point.) Use a CONCAT Beast Mode to geneate a title that contains no numbers. `Points` is a valid field reference, but it always holds 0+ values, so there's no value. It's just a dummy field to make SUM expose the Beast Mode to the summary number figure.


    CASE WHEN SUM(`Points`) < 0 THEN '' ELSE '' END,'Bubbles are sized by the number of instruments'


    Now I have to go back and figure out how to dial down the font size on the summary number.


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