Beastmode Library - Manage all from Admin area of Domo

Similar to how cards and pages are now available in the admin area, I'd like to request a section be added to manage all Beastmodes.  This "Beastmode Library" would allow for export, review, edit, add, delete, share calculation on dataset, apply to summary number, which cards the Beastmode is being used in (summary number, value, sort, filter) etc, etc, etc.  


If I'm wishing... maybe even some indication that the individual Beastmode has the potential to result in an error, divide by zero, divide by null, and the other hazzards that cause me to pull my hair out trying to find.


This would help with consistency, performance... I'll stop... you know what I mean.


Basically a one-stop-shop for all things Beastmode in my instance of Domo.

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    Thank you for submitting this @swagner. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • Might I just add one more dimension: access to beast mode calculations that are not in that specific dataset? An option to pick beast mode calculations that are used a lot (we use the same calculations for current and previous values for gauges for a bunch of datasets from multiple sources, for example).

  • @ckwright,


    Can you provide an update here.


    @swagner thanks for checking in on this one.




  • Let's bump this one more time.

    This would be hugely helpful for me as right now, I'm the guy that gets the beast mode requests (along with cards, datasets, you get the idea). If I had a place where I could store all the beast modes created within our instance, that would be incredible. I'd add to the OP's idea with an optional field where we could describe what the beast mode actually does. Oh, and the ability to apply tags to the beast mode snips. 

  • it will also be helpful if we have info like


    charts/datasets using the beastmode



    Option to lock the beastmode - so it won't be edited by other users (or limit edit access to certain groups)

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