Please add field retyping to the connector interface

I've been struggling to import Excel values as DATETIME and checking the alternatives:


* Schema transformation in Workbench.

* Custom date transformation in Workbench.

* DataFlow to change the column type.

* Beast Mode to create a calculated/converted version of the column.

* Have I missed any?


Of these, I like the schema transformation in Workbench best. It's simple, straightforward and delivers the data in the right format. No extra data sets, pure columns, no Beast Mode columns, nice. 


It struck me that it would also be quite nice to have the options found in the Workbench Schema pane right in the standard connector interface. I don't know if this applies to a wide range of connectors, but it definitely makes sense for the connectors that can be imported directy onto KPI cards. Specifically, Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets.


Thank you.

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  • I find users having issues with DOMO automatically changing a field to number/integer when the data should be text. This Idea would solve this issue for us as well.

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