Native Sorting on Table Card

We'd very much benefit from allowing users to sort directly from the Table card type. I know switching to table mode allows this, but our specific use case involves using a mobile device to view the card.


When viewing on mobile, there doesn't seem to be any way to sort the columns you're viewing.


If there's an alternative option I've missed, I'd love to hear it.




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  • For me, the key is that you can't sort at all from a mobile device... most of our users on the sales side are using domo on their phone... not being able to sort is definitely an issue.

  • Non-mobile users would benefit if native table sorting maintains chart properties, such as color (which is lost when changing to table mode).

  • @Valiant @Jeffsnake @Zatoichi


    Thank you for the idea and subsequent comments.


    I am assigning this to @codysmith.


    Please review this idea which is directly related to our mobile experience in Domo.



  • @Valiant Colt,

    Thanks for submitting your feedback. When you are on a table card you can long-press the header of any column to sort, hide or expand that column. Try it out and let me know if this is what you're looking for.





  • @codysmith Cody,


    Unfortunately hide/unhide won't help us in this scenario. The functionality seems to be there on a Sumo card for sorting, we'd just need that moved over to a Table card type.




  • Yes, I see the pretty column sorting on the mobile platform of a Table Chart in chart view with the long press. It's great that it maintains colors!


    So, what's the long-press equivalent on a desktop browser? (non-mobile) Looks like mobile is ahead of desktop brower ... or I need help on understanding this feature. 

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