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So there's this Dataset Data Connector. This allows a dataset in one Domo instance to be shared into another Domo instance. I think this might work for our use, but does anyone know if I can specify what columns in a shared dataset can be shared via the Dataset Data Connector?

And, while I'm at it, has anyone actually used this connector? 

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    Hi @bvaut

    Within this connector, you are not currently able to specify what columns are importable/exportable from one instance to another. If you do not wish to import/export certain columns or rows into another instance, you would need to exclude that information by filtering the dataset within a dataflow. You would then be able to pull data from the dataflow output into the other instance.


    More information on the set up of this connector can be found in the following Help Center documentation: http://knowledge.domo.com?cid=datasetcopy


    You can also submit this information to our product team via the Product Feedback button. Here is a link to our FAQ concerning Enhancement Request processing, and how to submit feedback inside of Domo: https://knowledge.domo.com?cid=faqs.

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