Have the time range carry over from the Main Card to the subsequent drilldown paths

Currently, when you view a card, you see the date range field at the top (which you can adjust).  When you drilldown further into the card, the date range is still applied to the subsequent graphs, but is not shown.  If we can have the date range field visible (even if static) that would be extremely useful for the end user.


To add an additional enhancement, it would be nice if you could also adjust the date range field in the drilldown cards (making it dynamic instead of static).

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  • This is a great idea! 

  • This would be so helpful, as I sometimes forget what date range is initially set and have to keep going back and forth to remember.  I've also heard from several other users that this would be super helpful.  It woud be even better if we were then able to change the date filter in the drilldown as well.  This could eliminate all the extra clicks.


  • I'd love to have this feature. It would eliminate a lot of extra clicking back and forth Smiley Very Happy

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