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  • Happy new year!


    Any updates on this? 

  • It's been 9 months. Hey Domo any updates on this?


    We need more exporting capabilities. When is V2 coming out? When can we expect this report. I don't imagine my org. will keep Domo much longer if it takes this long for this product to play catchup to other BI vendors. We need excel reporting capabilities, we need a snapshot saver of cards and collections so we have a snapshot every day or every week or every month as to the status of certain reports.


    Re-building the database is not an option, since datewise, analyzer will only use 1 date function / table/ chart.

  • Agreed.  This one's long overdue.  Please find a way to get this done quickly, DOMO folks.

  • Agreed! This is a serious concern on our side too. Executives absolutely needs snapshots and full email report sending basically for offline purposes. I know being offline in 2018 seems to be odd, but the majority of them are travelling alot by plane so being able to get their data offline is a must...



  • @Millhouse please provide a status update on this ASAP.


    To all our customers your comments are greatly appreciated and I am personally escalating this to get an update.


    Thank you!


  • Hi all! This enhancement is still under review, and we don't have an ETA at this time. We are super grateful for all of the impassioned comments as this helps us to better make product decisions.

  •  Thanks for the update Millhouse.  What can we do to help move this out of "under review"?  Can we work to clarify MVP in order to make this easier/faster to implement?  I think we would all apprceciate incremental change vs big bang releases.  

  • @mkozai


    Thank you and all the others for chiming in. I am working closely with an internal team to raise the visibility with our Engineering management on a number of highly voted ideas with lots of comments such as this one. As you can imagine there are competing priorities on the product road map and the development team is working hard on the Domopalooza releases.


    Regardless, I ma championing and channeling this feedback to get greater visibility in particular ideas ideas that have been out there for some time with a great deal of votes and comments.


    Please keep the inputs and suggestions coming as we are listening.




  • I'll throw my vote in here too! This would help our workflow tremendously. Unfortunately, I think @Will_Thompson is probably right. There are several features that are strategically limited to push upselling of licenses. However, at least in our case, rather than driving us to buy more licenses it is pushing us towards finding other solutions.

  • +1 we also need this functionality. 

  • Nuidging here as well as we also need it desparately. This is one of the features holding us back to further expand / add other departments onto the platform. 

    We need functionality to be able to share very basic (high level) dashboards to users who are not active DOMO users. Like management for high level dashboards, or users who need simple usage statistics delivered in a simple format like excel.

  • Would love this feature!

  • @user01334 and @jackb1117


    Thanks for the up voting and comments. I am pushing this one again!

    Keep the comments coming!




  • We would like this too since we need it for change management and to have the ability to import the cards again to Domo.  Seems like it should be a basic to manage your source control and provide recoverability to our user base.

  • I can't overstate how beneficial this feature would be within our organization.  

  • Everyone in my organisation is asking when this feature will be ready! It's so essential and core to the BI tool we're transitioning from, and I don't think we can make the full transition until it exists.


    Domo Support ~ I appreciate that you've been trying to comment and keep people updated, but I had to read through all 45 comments just to get an idea of where this was up to ~ perhaps once you've implemented this feature, you could also make it easier to see the current status of a thread ?

  • @Echelonwrote:

    I'm excited about the new Report Scheduler feature, but am curious - will the options to schedule Excel or PPT (etc.) exports be available with this? The Scheduler is a great idea, but at an initial look it seems to be more of a "reminder" for someone to look at a card, rather than a delivery of the data via a document export.

    Any updates on this Domo???

  • Yes please, this is must-have functionality.

  • Thanks for all the recent feedback I will escalate this again internally to get an update.



  • There is an idea out there that has had a lot of upvotes and comments regarding the ability to schedule an Excel or PPT export of card data to a network or other location. The idea can be found here:



    Could we get an update on whether this functionality will be built and if so, when we might see it?


    Thank you

  • Thanks I will try and get an update for all!

  • Would really love this feature. Any ETA at this time?

  • I work in an environment where I grab data from HQ and then bring to the field for onsite analysis & research where there is not internet connectivity (at least not enough to download larger data sets). This feature would be great to schedule excel reports of the table data cards to show up in my inbox at the time I arrive on site/the day of. Scheduling 'reports' is not that helpful since I can access the cards whenever I want but really need the data in an output that I can consume/manipulate. Please make this happen!

  • We are struggling with this too. It is a huge issue and would be a massive delivery for us. In the meantime the best we've been given is using Python to write some scripts to pull Data off the Domo Server and drop it in a shared file location.

  • Adding my feedback here. This is one of the few features domo does not have that it needs.

  • Duplicate post.  Please vote this one  up:


    Really would be a nice added feature.  

  • we're also looking for these feature with the ability to export in csv format as well ,

    this feature request is ~1.5yr old! any chance it will be address soon ?  


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