Flagging items past today's date


I have a table where I am trying to flag all line items where the "Planned End Date" is past the current date. Is there a quick beast mode for this?

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  • KVincent
    KVincent 🟡
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    You could write a beast mode to bucket dates and would have one that was for previous dates and one for future dates then have them be different colors on your cards. Here is what a beastmode could potentially look like.


    (CASE when `Planned End Date`-CURRENT_DATE()<0 then 'Future' end)


    The have another beastmode with the below


    (CASE when `Planned End Date`-CURRENT_DATE()>0 then 'Past' end)


    You could then use these as the columns in your card and assign different colors for them to make them distinct from each other.