Link to Dataflow from Dataflow From Dataset

When viewing a dataset either through the Datacenter, search, or clicking the link on the bottom of a card I would like an icon to link to the dataflow powering the dataset. Right now to get this information I have to click the wrench, click edit dataflow, copy the name, and then paste into the search bar. For Domo customers without good naming convention you may end up clicking on the wrong dataflow. I think linking to the dataflow would be much easier. Right now I find the steps to get to the dataflow inefficient and confusing when tracing back from a dataset. 

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  • @prpage I want to make sure I understand, are you asking for a button or something from the Datacenter list view that would take you directly to the dataflow generating a dataflow dataset, without needing to click into the dataset details?

  •  @ryker When clicking into a dataset I'd like a button next to the wrench in the top right corner that takes me to the dataflow. Today I have to click edit dataflow, then copy the name of the dataflow and search is somewhere else. Usually I am tracing from a card to a dataset to a dataflow and need to see the settings and history more often than editing the dataflow itself. 



  • @prpage ahhhh that makes sense. I often end up navigating to dataflows the same way, where all I wish to do is view the dataflow details/history/etc, and not actually edit the dataflow. 

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