New Card Type Request: Statistical Process Control Charts

In an environment where continuous quality improvement is a central management tool, having the ability to produce Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts in Domo is needed.  


Here is a video that explains the concept of SPC, and shows some examples: 


SPC chart example - Bing images

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  • Following up on this request.  

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    Please encourage your colleagues to vote up your ideas. In order for our product team to assign a product manager to review an idea, the idea must receive at least 1 vote.


    I voted this one up since you came back in.


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    Thank you for submitting this @swagner. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • Thanks for the cool video link and the request. We have a new feature coming out next month called scale markers. This allows you to set lower/upper bounds and a fill color. It does not automatically calculate the standard deviations or control limits. However it does give you control to set those bounds on the card. Here is a sample I created with it:



    Process Control Chart.PNG


  • @Gavatar if those bounds are not dynamic (via beast mode, or some imbeded calculation) this won't solve the issue for me.  Thanks for the message, but I still see this as an open need for our use case. cc: @DaniBoy

  • @Gavatar @DaniBoy I just reviewed the Sept feature release which included dynamic scale ranges.  This does help me get closer to approximating an SPC chart, but still falls short.  I feel like this request has fallen into a black hole with the anticipation of the dynamic scale ranges impending release.  Can you provide an update on where this request stands, and if work is taking place to add this card type to Domo?

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  • @Gavatar Can you address @swagner's comments.


    I will try to set up time to introduce the two of you at Domopalooza.




  • I'd just like to give some follow up support to this request - statistical control charts are a fantastic tool and I'd rather not write the visulatization myself ? (mostly because the odds I do it extra poorly are better than average)


    Control charts are one of the few reasons I'm still glued to Atlassian/JIRA for our dev/ops work, control charts for this work is incredibly informative and not something I can yet duplicate here.


    To briefly comment on the current scale marker features, including dynamic scale ranges, they're great.  They assist me with denoting goal numbers and 'acceptable' ranges quite easily.  It's been a veru valuable addition.  So those features definitely hit a mark, just not quite the mark those of us wanting to create control charts quite want.


    As much as I hate to just include a stock image from JIRA - it really is the two items the image shows that are the meat of the extra info being asked for - being able to show a rolling average and dynamic standard deviation.  Given the ability to produce these charts in domo, I would be able to move the vast majority of reporting for our company into one reporting solution rather than keep several different tools looked after.



  • @C_Schaffer thanks for your support with this request.  SPC is a central tool in our business, and is something that would help us leave Excel behind in our measurement practices.  As you stated, getting to one platform is the desired state.  


    @DaniBoy can you help us get some attention on this topic again please sir?  As I mentioned before I am willing to do what it takes to describe the need/value here.


  • @swagner


    Thanks for the updated comment here.


    @Gavatar can you elaborate on the additional comments here beyond what we delievred with scale markers?



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