Freeze Panes on a table card

Add a feature to Freeze Panes on a table card so when scrolling on a large table you can see the column headers or row headers, or both.


Additionally, allow ability to expand the size of the table view so the table doesnt get cut off in the viewing window..

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    Thank you for submitting this @AshfordMH. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • Any movement on this?... this would be huge for us... we have a lot of users who use table cards (and sumo cards) extensively... and freezing the header row... and selected columns would significantly increase the value.


  • @ckwright


    Can you provide an update on this one?


  • Any update on this feature request?

  • This is a necessity. We extensivle use Table cards and many border on unusable until this update is implemented.


    Thank you.

  • @ckwright can you provide on update here please?



  • This would be wonderful!

  • Any updates on this feature? 

  • At domopalooza... I was told by one of the project managers that there is a new card type called "pivot table" that will have added functionality... including freezing panes.


    He seemed to think it would be hitting beta in the next couple months.



  • Thanks Jeff! 


    I did just realize that if you make a Sumo Card and are in the Pivot Chart view it automatically freezes the first column. 

  • Literally on a product release call now and this is in the works to be released in the coming months. I can't share a specific date yet but its being demoed internally. Still need to kick the tires and A/B testing.


    Thanks for everyones patience here!


  • @DaniBoy  is this specifically for table cards? I know the sumo cards already have this functionality, but the sumo cards don't have functionality that normal cards do (quick filters, caculated columns, etc...).

  • Thanks @Figauro to clarify i am referring to Pivot table functionality.

  • @DaniBoy how will this be different than sumo pivots?

  • Found a link to DP#19 that shows the new feature at about 5min mark. To clarify, it is within analyzer.

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