Global Map Drilling Down to Different Countries

From my experience with drilling down, only one card can exist per level, and each level is dependant on the one that preceeds it. Is is at all possible to have multiple drillpaths on one level based on how the main card is drilled? For example, if I am using a global map, I can currently only drill down to a US map level if I click on the US. If I click on Europe, it still takes me to a US map, but with no data (understandably). I'd like to be able to configure multiple drillpath cards so that every map can be drilled from a global view.


Is this possible currently? If not, can it be a new feature?

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    Hi @treyface20 I really like this idea. There are a couple of options that come to mind that are close to what you are looking for. 


    1. With a Lat/Long map (provided you can get lat/long coordinates for your data points), it will dynamically zoom into the region of the world where you have data. So in order to leverage this card type for your use case, you would need to use the card analyzer too. This way you can filter down to a given country, and then the map will zoom in to that region and show a more detailed view of the country.
    2. The other option that comes to mind is the Google Maps Pinboard in the App Store. It requires some customization, but is a very slick and interactive visual!


    Finally, I would recommend that you take this great idea and post it to the Dojo Idea board, where others can vote it up!

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  • Hi @AdamT,


    I'm experiencing the same issue as I would like to be able to zoom in by region when I click on a country.
    My data include the country names and I can add the regions with a beast mode calculation but I don't have the lat/long coordinates. I don't have the Google Maps Pinboard app either.


    Thank you,


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