Using a Beast Mode Calculation in Summary Number


I'm trying to create a beast mode that will allow me to use CASE WHEN COUNT as a summary number and I'm having some trouble. I've tried this with SUM and AVG in front. I've tried subtracting the Like count from the Not Like count. I'm not sure how to turn this into an aggregation so that I can use it in the summary. Thoughts?

(CASE WHEN `Primary DNS` NOT LIKE '' THEN COUNT(`Serial Number`) END)

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  • KVincent
    KVincent 🟡
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    You can control the aggregation in the the beast mode function itself. I would write a new beast mode that would be 

    (CASE WHEN `Primary DNS` NOT LIKE '' THEN 'Yes' END)

     I would then put this beastmode in your summary number and choose the count function under the field and function option.


    I would think that it would not count the null value. Let me know if this works.