Add flexibility to sumo cards asap

Sumo cards are not very flexible when it comes to showing addition totals or creating beast modes (even though you can create a beast mode else where and use it in the sumo card). I want to add a single column and value at the end of a sumo card so that I dont have to add that value to every column withing the data. Will look much more clean and be 3x more useful. Can you add this capability? Or is this possible in the developer web?

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  • Editing Column headers from within the sumo card would be super convenient as well. This is a feature on the table, bring it to sumo cards.


    I would also like availability to drill into sumo cards. Perhaps having drill down option to click on the number and bring you to a regular table with the information you need.

  • When you export a sumo card, it loses its format and you have to re-format it again. So the export tool is useless in certain situations wher it could be super helpful. Can you please add an update that keeps the format in an excel or other file. 


    It's easy to re-format in in a pivot but just for conveniance.

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