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With the graphs/tables in Domo it seems to be a lot of "trial and error".  Is there a way to try a new graph and click a "back" button or "undo" button if you don't like the results?

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  • creed
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    Hi @AttuAk


    Just to confirm, are you referring to undoing an action while editing a card?  For example, changing the chart type or a certain property and then quickly reverting back?


    That is a great idea. The funtionality to do that doesn't currently exist but it has been requested. I have added your request to the ticket. The ticket # for your reference is DOMO-101463.


    Please let me know if that is not what you're referring to, or if you have any additional questions.


    Thank you,


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  • I'll second this request. How/where does Domo facilitate user input on feature requests? I see you added the request to DOMO-101463, is that a topic somewhere that is open for discussion or a way to be upvoted for attention?

  • Hello,


    I would also really like the undo functionality built in. Has this feature been built in now?


    Thank you!

  • same. much needed.

  • Hello, this feature would be very helpful for our org as well. We have users who do alot of experimenting with cards and this would offer some loss protection for that. 

  • any update on this feature? would very much like to have it since it's a bunch of trial & error. 

  • SEC
    SEC 🟠

    I have a back button in my graph cards now, but it could be because I'm in the beta group.  However, there is no back button for the notebook cards and I've lost valuable notes due to making a delete mistake.  Are there plans to add the back button to the notebook cards?

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