Please allow participants to add page filters

Participants can add a filter in each card.

But participants can't add page filter.

This is inconsistent from a security point of view.

It's just inconvenient.

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  • jstan
    jstan Dallas, TX 🟠

    It's funny that they can add them in the mobile app, but not on desktop.

  • @codysmith


    Is this true that this is a mobile only feature or is this a bug on the desktop side?


  • jstan
    jstan Dallas, TX 🟠

    @DaniBoy and @codysmith, I just checked with one of our participant licenses and on mobile, participants can add page filters and on desktop they cannot.  If the participant adds a page filter on mobile, it will not transfer to the desktop and when they go to the desktop after creating a mobile page filter, it will take the mobile page filter off.

  • @jstan that is correct. As we built out the experience on mobile we looked to add to the functionality to offer a more personalized experience for users on their mobile device. As it has been received well we are looking at how to offer similar flexibility on web. There are mutliple customers with thousands of users relying on the current functionality with how they have implemented Domo for thier use cases which has prevented us from making the change yet. It's something we're looking into though and you will start to see many enhancments roll out to page filtering and overall storytelling experiences over the next 6 months or so.

  • jstan
    jstan Dallas, TX 🟠

    @codysmith can't this be accomplished through custom roles?  

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