Link to existing card in drill-path

It would be a great feature to be able to add an existing card into the drill-path of a card... as long as that existing card uses a dataset with a field that can be used to join to the parent card of the drill path.


Use Case:  We have one big dataset with about 250 fields that we use for many of our cards.  There are a few fields on that dataset that we don't want the user to be able to see when they drill down to the raw data level.  The user does need to be able to drill down to raw data, and we need the fields in the data set for some "higher level" calculations.  We just don't want the user to be able to see those few fields when drilling to raw data.


One workaround is to create a table card with all the fields except the restricted ones and place it at the bottom of the drill-path and suppress the raw data viewing.  However, creating a table card with 200+ fields every single time we create a new card is prohibitive.  


However... if we could create the table card with 200+ fields once... and then at the bottom of the drill path for each of our other cards link to this existing table card... that wouldn't be too bad.



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  • Bump... this would be huge... and be a huge timesaver as we end up creating the same "final drill path card" over and over...


    come on guys, you know this would be awesome!

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